The Sopranos Sikhs in hollywood


The Sopranos Season 1 Episode 6 – Pax Soprana – The Sikh Mechanic


Alan Taylor



Sikh Rating



James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco


David Chase, Frank Renzulli


David Chase, Robin Green

Release Date

14 February 1999

About the Movie

Tony gets another report from the cop who's been keeping an eye on Dr. Melfi. He's still having erotic dreams about her but is suffering from erectile dysfunction and a distancing from Carmela. He tells Jennifer Melfi how he feels about her but she has an explanation for his emotions. Uncle Junior is the new boss and he's making his presence felt. He decides to tax Hesh who had a special arrangement with his predecessor. Hesh doesn't mind being taxed, it's the amount that he doesn't like. The other captains are unhappy as well as Junior is stepping in on some of their money earning schemes without even having the courtesy of telling them about it. Tony approaches New York boss Johnny 'Sack' Sacramoni to find a solution to the situation.

First season of The Sopranos and we have a sardar in it. I bet you didn’t see that coming. Dr Melfi’s Jaguar has been giving her troubles. She has been told that she needs a new starter. She takes it to the garage and the mechanic is checking it out.

Sikh Mechanic in The Sopranos

The mechanic is repairing the car. At this moment the appearance of the mechanic hasn’t been revealed. Dr. Melfi is complaining that the car has been giving her trouble but this morning it just started up with no issues. The mechanic says it seems okay to him while still under the hood. When Dr. Melfi asks him to explain himself, that’s when the mechanic rolls out from under the car to tell her that the car already has a brand new starter, “It has everything but a price tag hanging from it”.

The moment the mechanic came out of under the car I literally jumped out of the couch. I wasn’t expecting him to be a Sikh and he is revealed in such a dramatic way that I really want to believe that the director did it on purpose. The condition of the mechanic is dirty as of any mechanic. He is portrayed as an honest mechanic whose dialogue itself says it “Lady as much as I wish to rob you…” 

Both his dialogues are witty and he has a crude Indian accent. Good on you Prianga Pieris for playing the character. In the credits the mechanic is simply called The Sikh mechanic. This is not going to be the only appearance of a Sikh in the show. Read the next article for a fun little coincidence.

The Sopranos Season1 Episode6 Pax Soprana Sikh Mechanic
Sikh Mechanic informs Dr. Melfi that there’s nothing wrong with her car
The Sopranos Season1 Episode6 Pax Soprana Sikh Mechanic
The Sopranos Season1 Episode6 Pax Soprana Sikh Mechanic

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