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The Sopranos Season 5 Episode 8 – Marco Polo -The Sikh Doctor


John Patterson



Sikh Rating



James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco


David Chase, Michael Imperioli


Martin Bruestle

Release Date

25 April 2004

About the Movie

Carmela is planning a surprise 75th birthday party for her father. Carmela's snooty mother doesn't think it would be appropriate for Tony to attend but when her father hears of it - Uncle Junior gives away the surprise - he says he won't be there if Tony isn't. Tony is still waiting for Phil Leotardo to pay up from the sale of a racetrack and they have a run-in. At Johnny Sack's urging, Tony agrees to pay for the damage to Phil Leotardo's car. Phil is obviously going to be very fussy about the repairs however. Tony Blundetto is approached by some of Carmine Lupertazzi Jr.'s associate to make a hit on one of Johnny Sack's hookers. He declines but after deciding he's being treated badly, decides to take the job. There's more than one victim unfortunately.

We are in the fifth season and Carmella is planning a surprise birthday party for her father. Carmela’s father Hugh accidentally falls off the roof of her house while fixing a loose shingle and injures himself. He is admitted to the hospital and that’s where our second appearance of a Sikh character in the Sopranos universe appears.

Sikh Doctor in The Sopranos

Carmella and her mother are discussing the party when the doctor comes out to update them on Huge’s condition. The doctor is a Sikh gentleman and is wearing a better turban this time as compared to the previous appearance of a Sikh character in The Sopranos. He is wearing a red turban and informs the ladies that Hugh is a very lucky man and goes on explaining further using the medical terminology.

The speech and accent of the doctor is very clear in this scene. He is portrayed as an educated and capable doctor. The previous appearance of a Sardar was in the role of a mechanic. Hence you have two contrasts, one is educated and well established, the other is a manual labourer and supposedly struggling. One is well spoken and well dressed, the other is dirty in his work cloths and beard with a raw accent.

It will be nice to say that these two appearances were planned by the show’s creators, it would be an overkill. On the other hand its a very remarkable coincidence to have portrayed two Sikh characters in The Sopranos on two sides of the social scale. Well done even if it wasnt planned.

The Sikh doctor was played by Samrat Chakrabarti and is credited with the title of Dr. Onkar Singh.

The Sopranos Season-5 Episode 8 Marco Polo Sikh Doctor
Sikh Doctor in The Sopranos’ episode Marco Polo updates Carmella and Her mpther about Huge’s health
The Sopranos Season-5 Episode 8 Marco Polo Sikh Doctor
The Sopranos Season-5 Episode 8 Marco Polo Sikh Doctor

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Where it scored

  • If you read the other Sikh appearance in The Sopranos, this rating will make sense.

Where it lost

  • None... none at all.