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Hereafter 2010 – Sikh Mourners in a Church


Clint Eastwood



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Matt Damon, Cécile de France


Peter Morgan


Clint Eastwood, Kathleen Kennedy, Robert Lorenz

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About the Movie

Hereafter is a 2010 American drama film directed, co-produced, and scored by Clint Eastwood, written by Peter Morgan, and executive produced by Steven Spielberg. The film tells three parallel stories about three people affected by death in similar ways—all three have issues of communicating with the dead; Matt Damon plays American factory worker George, who is able to communicate with the dead and who has worked professionally as a clairvoyant, but no longer wants to communicate with the dead; Cécile de France plays French television journalist Marie, who survives a near-death experience during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami; and British twins Marcus and Jason (played by Frankie and George McLaren).

Hereafter is a serious movie with a great and sombre performance by Matt Damon. The film deals with the concept of life after death and convinces us that there are psychic mediums.

Sikh Mourners in Hereafter

There is a scene of a punjabi girl dressed in salwar kamiz walking towards the church. When I saw it first I thought I was mistaken but after a couple of shots you get to see a Sikh family holding the photograph a deceased Sikh. There are a number of other Sikh mourners following the Sikh lady in the front. The Old Sikh man in white kurta pajama seems like a “Paathi”. The church priest gives them way while gently bowing as if he is expecting the mourners to take over the services. All in all the implications are highly ambiguous. Is this a Sikh wake? Are the Sikh mourners holding a “Antim Ardaas” in the church? Was the Sikh a convert?

Movie doesnt answer any of these questions. The whole episode occurs in the end of a scene involving the main story line. In the movie, this is just a passing incident, as if its a norm in the church for Sikh communities to have such ceremonies. This itself raises further questions. Afterall its a movie, so placement of such a gathering isn’t coincidental. This is a planned shot, but what is the director (or writer) trying to imply isn’t obvious. Moreover the film is directed by Clint Eastwood… so nothing can be coincidence. I’m really intrigued by the meaning of this scene and this one mystery will stay with me until the end of my time. On personal level I have no theories and I already have stated my questions. I will like to hear other ideas about what’s happening here in the film.

Sikh couple walks towards the Church in hereafter 2010
Sikh couple walks towards the Church in hereafter 2010
Sikh Mourners inside the church holding the photograph of the diseased
Sikh Mourners inside the church holding the photograph of the diseased

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Where it scored

  • Clever placing of the Sikh Mourners

Where it lost

  • Not explaining the implications of such a ceremony