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About Sikhs In Hollywood

I watch a lot of movies. A lot of them. I’ve seen more than 3000 so far. its easy to say that but there are only 365 days in an year.So I’ve been watching 2 or 3 movies in a day at times. While watching movies, I started noticing appearances of Sikh characters, actors as part of the main cast or as part of the crowd in the background. It seems that Hollywood is becoming more aware of Sikhs in general and is making a conscious effort to portray Sikhs properly in their productions.

This website is an effort to gather a database of Sikhs in Hollywood. The name is misleading as I will be adding more data here as well which denotes to Sikhs from all walks of life.

The website so far is one man army and I’m trying to manageĀ it in my spare time. There are very few articles as of now but I have collection of around 50 movies where I know I have seen Sikhs. So I will be updating the website every chance I get.

If the readers come across any movie that I have missed, do write to me and I will try to add it.

-Bobby Sandhu


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